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With a gloomy job report, sluggish economic recovery in 2017 Q1, and delay in the signing of the 2017 Budget, one can almost predict a next to nothing improvement in Nigeria’s Human Development index in 2017.

Measuring Human Development as a direct outcome of Economic Development is an old philosophy and it is no more an acceptable model. 

In a Sustainable Economic Model, Human Development must be the driver of Economic Development as the basic indices for Human Development forms the foundation for an Innovative and Inclusive Society


Across Africa today, from the largest cities to the most remote villages, digital technology is making an impact on people’s everyday lives and has the power to transform communities and even whole economies —Tony Elumelu

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Ever asked yourself where the next BIG OPPORTUNITIES are? Do questions like "how can I be a CHANGE AGENT" come to your mind? Have you ever been so worried about the Nigeria situation and wish you could do something? Are you feedup with the rhetorics and you truly desire change? Can you identify situations around you that needs an immediate turn around? Is the National