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Why you need a Goal, Digital Skills & Partner to be a Success Story!

Hello and welcome to June. Its a new month and my question is what is or are your goals and target for the month. What do you need to achieve them. Come! Lets work together on your goal.




Across Africa today, from the largest cities to the most remote villages, digital technology is making an impact on people’s everyday lives and has the power to transform communities and even whole economies —Tony Elumelu



Ever asked yourself where the next BIG OPPORTUNITIES are? Do questions like "how can I be a CHANGE AGENT" come to your mind? Have you ever been so worried about the Nigeria situation and wish you could do something? Are you feedup with the rhetorics and you truly desire change? Can you identify situations around you that needs an immediate turn around? Is the National

“If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail” says the popular quote.

And if “Looking for a Job is a job in itself” according to Bishop David Oyedepo, it means all passing out Corps Members who want a job or business are immediately employed after passing out

The National Youth Service Corps -NYSC is an important phase of Graduate Development in Nigeria. Though differently perceived, but since it is compulsory “Discerning Graduates” have chosen to make it count in their career development plan.

As another batch just passed out, the question in the mind of many will be: So what’s next?

The truth is, that question ought to have been answered a year ago during the orientation camping. If however you are yet to answer the question, here are the 5 options for you. Remember, you must plan it: choose what you want to do before your passing out.


Social Entreprenurship

In view of the political, economic, religious, educational, financial and many more challenges in Nigeria, one question comes to mind “DO YOU STILL WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL? This is the question every successful person has asked and answered in the affirmative.

Great Nations are products of Men, Women & Youths who are BUILDERS. They are People with HIGH DEFINITION (HD) eyes that can see opportunities in every challenge, people with enough courage to separate themselves from the lot.  They use the Problem Tree Analysis to identify real problem and turn the problem to project, project to passion and passion to profit.

These are SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS and Nigeria is in dire need of many at such a time as this. Nigeria (Africa) is undoubtedly a land of OPPORTUNITIES and each of our challenges represents these opportunities for the DISCERNING.