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3 Steps to Jumpstart your career with a Personal Community Development Project (NYSC)

Posted July 3, 2017 0:1 AM

A. Project Conceptualization:
– Career Assessment
– Problem Identification
– Research
– Stakeholder Engagement
– Solution Articulation
– Project Planning
– Proposal Writing
– Continuous focused research


B. Project Execution:
– Advocacy
– Training (key stakeholders)
– Clubbing/Project Community
– Main Project

C. From Personal Community Development Project to Social Enterprise (Becoming a Trusted Authority)
– Publicity (project blog & Social Media)
– Project Commissioning
– Establish vital relationship with professional body (if in existence)
– Attend relevant conferences, workshops, etc


D. Enterprise Incubation Phase
– Register a Social Enterprise with Corporate Affairs Commission
– Develop a Business Plan
– Strengthening your Niche through continuous engagement with Stakeholders
– Sign Up on eNestNg (Eagles Nest Nigeria – A Social Entrepreneurship Safety Nest)
– CommunityShield Social Entrepreneurship Award/Start Up Grant

E. Establishing your Social Enterprise (Post NYSC)

– Get your first contract/Job or Develop an Intervention Project around your Social Enterprise
– Volunteer in related project as a Social Enterprise
– Use Social Media/Blog to build your niche
– Establish and follow through a “Financing your greatness” plan
(Personal, Friends & Family, Corporate Partnership and Return on Investment)
– Access to “Social Business Loan” from NYSC Foundation, BridgeFund and other Funding Agency.

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