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5 Instant Employment Options for Passing out Corps Members.

Posted June 7, 2017 1:58 PM

“If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail” says the popular quote.

And if “Looking for a Job is a job in itself” according to Bishop David Oyedepo, it means all passing out Corps Members who want a job or business are immediately employed after passing out

The National Youth Service Corps -NYSC is an important phase of Graduate Development in Nigeria. Though differently perceived, but since it is compulsory “Discerning Graduates” have chosen to make it count in their career development plan.

As another batch just passed out, the question in the mind of many will be: So what’s next?

The truth is, that question ought to have been answered a year ago during the orientation camping. If however you are yet to answer the question, here are the 5 options for you. Remember, you must plan it: choose what you want to do before your passing out.


1. Get a Job: this will likely be the preference of every graduate but the reality stares us in the face. To however accurately position for this, you need to: have a problem solving mentality, know the problem you can solve for possible Employer (Make a list of 10 across industries & sizes – Big, Medium & Small Enterprises) and develop a strategy for Connecting with or creating your own Job. Job search checklist: https://mindthegapng.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/top300-job-searchcareer-development-checklist/

2. Go Back to School: your First Degree has become so basic and a Second Degree could give you an advantage. For those not pursuing a professional certification, further study (masters or vocational training) might be an immediate option after passing out to deploy yourself in other to strengthen your opportunity.

3. Become an Intern: Corps Members from 2012 Batch A could be particularly disadvantaged in getting a quick assimilation to the Job Space because of the new posting policy. However, organisations are now offering short 3months, medium 6months and up to one year internship opportunities. Search for and position for one to prove yourself.

4. Start a Career Research Project: if none of the above is possible or you are in a waiting period, get busy #followyourpassion. Start a Personal Career Research Project in your home with your Laptop & Internet, worse case your smart phone (though I think it’s a shame for a graduate post NYSC not to have a personal Laptop). Know everything you can about a chosen career path: as an Employee or Entrepreneur.

5. Start a Business: Join a Franchise, Start at an Incubator or with a Social Enterprise model: Cause Marketing present a strategic/disruptive entry into the market for you.

By all means, don’t stay idle, you loose value if you don’t get busy. The next 3 months is your Premium Employment Time. Remember a new batch of Corps Member will pass out soon and that reduces your probability.

Trust you are Good2Go!

Tayo Olosunde I MindtheGap I 08099909995
ihub@mindthegap.org.ng @youthsarehere

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