Why Digital Skills For Africa is IMPORTANT for Nigeria and How it will Benefit YOU! #Skills4Change - investing in great minds; to do great things...
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Why Digital Skills For Africa is IMPORTANT for Nigeria and How it will Benefit YOU! #Skills4Change

Posted June 7, 2017 2:37 PM



Across Africa today, from the largest cities to the most remote villages, digital technology is making an impact on people’s everyday lives and has the power to transform communities and even whole economies —Tony Elumelu

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Ever asked yourself where the next BIG OPPORTUNITIES are? Do questions like "how can I be a CHANGE AGENT" come to your mind? Have you ever been so worried about the Nigeria situation and wish you could do something? Are you feedup with the rhetorics and you truly desire change? Can you identify situations around you that needs an immediate turn around? Is the National unemployment data a BIG worry for you and you want to do something about it right now!


Don't look any further, most often than not the tools for Change are always so close, but the Skill to use these tools for our advantages #Skills4Change are often in short supply. The goodnews is the tools you need to achieve your deepest aspiration for change in and around you might be right in your hand. 


If you are unemployed or you have a start up business that needs to grow, you might want to consider acquiring the skills that will help you to: Be Found, Be Relevant, Be Engaging and Be Accountable using the tools you use everyday for fun: Your Mobile Phone and Social Media


From Unemployment to Political Oppression that frustrates you, the solution is not in the lenghty time wasted on arguments and hot exchanges on social media. The solution is to develop the skills to innovate, digitise and amplify a sector of the Nigerian economy that you are interested in as you turn Public Policies to Social Action.


The Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs and the National Economic Recovery and Growth Plan #NERGP presents amazing opportunities for SMART and Discerning Youth to connect their Jobs and Entrepreneurship aspirations. These well researched and documented agenda is already providing unparalled platforms for a growing number of Discerning Youth and "...against all odds, these group of youth are creating innovative solutions to pressing problems in the communities, countries and continent, creating jobs and gaining global recognition..." 


These amazing Active Economic Agents are refining success and creating a new path to greatness by using what they have and "....rejecting the myth of their generations apathy..."

Considering making that move?




Sign Up today for the MindtheGap Increasing Youth Productivity Through Digital Skill.


The programme will open you up to a strong and compelling awareness of digital opportunities and increase your confidence level. It would also enable you articulate a value proposition to a would be employer or business owner that YOU want to digitize and amplify.


How it works


The programme gives you a FREE one day training that inspires and provides a platform to network with the Youthnomics community. As a participant in the one day training, you will go through an parked six modules session with hands on exercises that will Inspire. Inform and Involve you in the unfolding Digital Economy.



Benefits of being a part of the training.


The training and mentoring programme offers you the

  • Opportunity to get in depth knowledge about digital and content marketing


  • Opportunity to be taught on maximizing and monetizing social media platforms


  • Opportunity to become skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


  • Opportunity to gain knowledge on Ad sense and Ad words


  • Opportunity to network with Digital Skills For Africa Trainers


  • Opportunity to get an E- certificate at the end of the training


  • Opportunity to join the community of Digital Onboarders with unlimited access to training & certification opportunities


How can you be a part of the programme?

Simply register for FREE at: www.mindthegap.ng/register and let mindthegap.ng be the platform that would help YOU turn your fun to fortune, find your voice and build your market!


Until you finish this training and you dont find your path to success, you can't blame anyone for not having a JOB!  While the challenges are real, becoming immune from the challenge is still your business! Get Busy!!


mindthegap.ng ...investing in great minds, to do great things!


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