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Youth Not Oil: Nigeria most valuable asset...

Posted June 9, 2017 2:36 PM

By 2030; Youth Not Oil Will Be Nigeria most valuable asset...

What is or are the difference (s) between a Youth Focused, Youth Based and Youth Driven Economy? If the next generation report has any merit in it, could this regime of Austerity Measure occasioned by the fall in the price of Crude Oil be a signal and a wake up call to look at our YOUTH CAPITAL as a resource for growth in spite of their challenges?
Do you know that in spite of the BUZZ about Job Creation , it is yet to be fully articulated that Job Creation is NOT an end in itself, there are serious issues BEFORE & AFTER (within) the Job Creation process, that will help expedite the whole agenda if these issues are properly understood and communicated. The end to end execution of the job creation agenda will completely revolutionaries Nigeria, if the YOUTH can get a proper grasp of the process. The paternalistic explanation that currently surrounds the agenda, makes it another home and college lessons which cannot drive it.
As we navigate through this POLITICAL transition period, it provides an opportunity to set the record straight, to drive home the new conversation on Youth Development called Youthnomics! To provide a context for the evaluation of the various youth development promises that will be put forward during this POLITICAL campaigns and insist on a Youth Driven Economic Policy/ Programmes, not the tokenistic "empowerment" programme.
It's time to join the NEW narrative and demand an articulation of a YOUTH DRIVEN ECONOMY because and TRULLY thats the ONLY way out. We invite you to join in and let's interrogation the conceptual framework of the Youthnomics! narrative.
Youthnomics is the aggregation, mainstreaming, and acceleration of the UNPARALLELED contributions of Youth to inclusive national development.
Youthnomics is a disruptive sociotechnological economic system that leverages the challenges, aspirations and unique qualities of youth to build a sustainable structure and systems for inclusive growth. It underscore the need to mobilize and structure the dynamics of the youth demography with the view to realign the odds.
Africa and indeed Nigeria has been describe as a youth based economy with a growing youth population, increasing foreign cash inflow mostly supporting consumption and an exponentially increasing demand for Education, Entertainment and Empowerment.
Youthnomics focuses on the urgency to professionalise and recapitalise youth work.
Without doubt Nigeria, Africa and perhaps the World is running a Youthnomics, however, the concept of youth inclusion seems to be a dominant perception.



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