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5 minutes open letter to DO_DEEL_CDS members

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Hello guys, 

Thank God; its another Thursday and another opportunity to do something great. I challenge you to ensure you use your CDS day for any of the DO_DEEL_CDS projects.

By the way, I thought of this lately and thought to share with you.  Do you know that from the President in the Villa (Abuja) to the Peasant in the village, living in Nigeria is TOUGH. This is why people like the richest man in the country wake up everyday to ensure there are no holes in the  parachute he is using to fly; by doing something daily to protect his business.

It however amuses me when I see some young people who ought to be seriously interested in their future, who ought to spend each day doing something that will increase their chances for success; rather, they handle everyday of their lives as if it doesn’t count. These are people who ought to be INTENTIONAL about what they do each day, knowing fully well that things are tough, hence they can’t afford to be casual with life. 

Someone once said, “if you are casual with life (and I dear say in Nigeria) you will be a CASUALTY”

For you, a day in each week has been set aside as your Community Development Service – CDS day and it ought to be so used. At DO_DEEL_CDS, we challenge you to be a Smart, Focused and Intelligent Corps Member by using the day for what it was intended to be; CDS. 

For us at MindtheGap and DO_DEEL_CDS, one of the most important thing a CORPS MEMBER can do for him or herself is to LEARN, ACQUIRE 10 STRATEGIC DIGITAL SKILLS and #TAKEtheDEEL: know and take advantage of the opportunities in the DEEL (Digital Literacy, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Leadership/Mentoring) programmes of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. 

And secondly because NYSC is all about SERVICE, the next most important thing that a CORPS MEMBER should do in his/her community is to help MICRO & SMALL businesses, Artisans like plumbers, welders, tailors, barbers, etc around you GROW their Business by understanding:

(i) the reality of the Digital Economy and how failure to be a part has started affecting their business and will affect it seriously in years to come, 

(ii). that despite their level of education or ICT knowledge they too with their SMART PHONE can be an active part of the Digital Economy, 

(iii) that as part of YOUR service to Nigeria, you have joined the DO_DEEL_CDS group to help them start the journey gradually by putting their Business on Google My Business and use Social Media very well to advertise their business and attract customers; which is the first thing that should come to mind when they think about growing their businesses.

(iv). that you are available to do it FREE and help them to manage it as part of your service, so that their business can grow and hopefully they can employ someone later to reduce issues of Unemployment.

At DO_DEEL_CDS, we believe it’s also part of our RESPONSIBILITY to help students in Secondary Schools to know about the DIGITAL ECONOMY and become Responsible Digital Citizens by knowing that they cannot but understand, embrace and succeed with it. How VIRTUAL LEARNING has become the ONLY guarantee of QUALITY Education and LifeLong Learning that will make them pass their Exams; WAEC, NECO, JAMB etc and also make them excel amongst their peers.

About ONLINE SAFETY, we are also committed to informing them that despite the importance of the Internet for learning and all the good things, there are also dangers hence the need for them to know how to be SAFE ONLINE.


HACKATHON COMPETITION; because we are SMART and seek to be 5 Stars Corps Members and BEST CDS group, we also work together as a CDS in each State to identify a problem (like food wastage in Benue State, accommodation Challenge for new Corps Members in Lagos and Abuja, finding a great PPA, etc) in the state or a community within the state and we develop a digital solution. 

The HACKATHON is not just for the Developer and Coders alone, everyone can play a part in the development, deployment and management of the solution. This will create a great opportunity to learn and discover an amazing role you can play in the Digital Driven Business World.

Finally, as the 2021 Batch A Stream 2 progresses in the projects, the top 12 in each of the pilot states will be going through the 5 Stars Corps Members Mentoring with Upwardly Mobile Professional and Entrepreneurs from Nigeria and Diaspora.

It will indeed be an AMAZING opportunity to see these committed cohorts engaged and empowered for success. Why? Because they have committed to following through the project and they have shown RESPONSIBILITY and proven that #AgainstAllOdds they are Generation Leaders and Active Youth Economic Agent; who will not be a liability but an asset to their families and Nigeria as a whole.


So, what are you doing this CDS Day? Let us know in this form.



Tayo Olosunde 

Executive Director, Mindthe_Gap

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