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200 2021 Batch C1 Kano Corps Members Takes The DEEL

On Saturday being the 30th of October we had a training with the Corp members on digital skills/ digital onboarder CDS group, Mr Paul onyedikachi ugorji (President of DO-DEEL CDS group) mounted the stage to train about 1700 Corp members in attendance, he talked about the successful tech business men and women who today we can’t do without their products. It was an impactful session that drew the attention of  majority who became so interested in taking a step to becoming a digital onboarder to solve a problem in the society.

After the training session, we had a discussion session with the Corp members who came out to represent their platoon on the topic “Digital Skills Are COMPULSORY for Employability, Entrepreneurship and Effective Leadership Development today!

Each of the platoon representatives did so wonderfully well, but then we only needed 3 winners which were; platoon 3 came 1st with 70.5, platoon 2 came 2nd with 66.84, and platoon 1 came 3rd with 62.84.  it was such an exciting and educative Moment indeed!

We went further to call out for those who are interested in becoming a DIGITAL ONBOARDER which we had about 200 persons who joined the group and we decided to organize a YouTube Livestream training on digital marketing for them which took place from Monday 1st to 5th of November 2021. Only 21 Corps Volunteers were able to join the training due to other activities in camp, while others complained about network issue but promised to make up for the class after camp. However, on the second day we had a good number in attendance all through to Friday.

After the training, we decided to work with those who were present at all the trainings, and officially welcomed them to join us at digital onboarder CDS group.

The NYSC officials are working tirelessly to make sure that these set of Corp members get everything it takes to make their service year favourable and productive.

Too much sleep and relaxing as a youth is not good! Open your eyes and be productive to end poverty and joblessness.

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  • I am a member

  • Wow, this is a magnificent success and achievement, we going higher , honestly I love this great success do far . Do DEEL is the best better by far

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